• The term "Whiplash" is a medico-legal term for "cervical acceleration / deceleration syndrome". This phrase was originally coined by the research team of Foreman and Croft .

• This conditional generally occurs during the milli-seconds of a car accident, most often during a rear end collision.

• As the video explains, if there are life threatening injuries, blood, broken bones, etc, contact 911 and proceed to the nearest emergency room for attention and then see Chiropractor Charlotte NC.

• The video also notes that most soft tissue injuries associated with whiplash will be treated with muscle relaxers and pain pills; unfortunately, this is rarely enough.

• Within the time span of a blink of an eye, a multi ton vehicle has struck another, catapulting the occupants inside the vehicle with tremendous acceleration only to have the seat belt restrain the bodies. It would be analogous to literally "stopping on a dime".

• During this action, the muscles, ligaments and nerves are stressed beyond their normal limits, causing distortion in the normal alignment of the vertebrae, resulting in what most would call "pinched nerves".

• These pinched nerves can be the cause of headaches, neck pain, radiating pain into the shoulders, arms or legs, as well as, numbness and / or tingling in the extremities.

• If, there are no signs of life threatening injury, contact the Tebby Chiropractic and Sports Medicine Clinic  for a complete evolution of your spine, muscles and nerves.

• Please review this video by Dr. Croft, a leader in research regarding the "cervical acceleration / deceleration syndrome". The threshold for injury is 2.5 mph according to the Spine Research Institute of San Diego as reported in the article "Whiplash Injury Threshold: New Lower Speed Defined" by Arthur Croft, DC, MS, MPH, FACO.

• Tebby Clinic is committed to your health needs and if your injury is of such a nature that you require additional specialized care, we will promptly refer you to the specialist whom we feel will be of most service to you.

Here are some of the most asked questions that we answer in the clinic:

Q: Does car insurance pay for Chiropractic care?

A: YES! Chiropractic care is covered. North Carolina Law requires that auto insurance liability and Medpay cover chiropractic care under General Statute 58-50-30. It is unlawful to discriminate against a health care provider based upon their field or specialty. In fact, filing MEDPAY (insurance on your car DOES NOT cause your rates to go up.)

Q: Do I need to go to the hospital first?

A: Unless they have life threatening injuries, or injuries that require emergency medical attention, most patients skip the ER visit. Our offices are equipped with state of the art X-ray and diagnostic tools to properly evaluate, diagnose, and treat your condition.

Q: Does Chiropractic care hurt?

A: The science and art of Chiropractic Care has been around for over 100 years plus. Numerous studies have demonstrated not only the incredible safety of chiropractic care but that chiropractic has one of the highest levels of patient satisfaction. Most patients report that their treatment is pleasant and enjoyable. 

Q: Do I need to see an attorney first?

A: No, it is not necessary to see an attorney first. However, our office does not dispense legal advice and, if asked, will refer you to appropriate legal counsel. Many of our patients request a referral to legal counsel that has demonstrated positive experience in the past. Our office receives consistent positive comments for our timely, thorough, and detailed reports. Our record keeping is valued by the legal profession and insurance industry. 

Q: The other car/driver has no insurance. How will I pay for my care?

A: Fortunately, there is no reason for concern. North Carolina Law requires that your insurance provide what is called “UM Coverage,” which stands for Uninsured Motorist. Insurance carriers generally do not penalize or increase your rates for utilizing UM coverage unless you were also at fault.

Q: The insurance adjuster told me my damage was minor.

A: Don't be intimidated by insurance adjusters. Our experience has shown us that perceived visual damage to a vehicle does not always indicate or correlate to the severity of injury. (In fact, there is NO PUBLISHED PEER REVIEWED PAPER WHICH CORRELATES PROPERTY DAMAGE WITH INJURY.) We recommend anyone involved in a traumatic always be evaluated as soon as possible. If there is no injury detected, or doctors will release you immediately. If you were injured, you will receive excellent care. You can always view the video on our main clinic page, you will probably be surprised at what little damage causes big problems.

• If you have been involved in an automobile accident, please call 704-541-7111 to schedule your evaluation with Dr. Tebby.